We aim for the uncharted territories of the everyday occasion card. With a great appreciation for history, learning and being from the South, our card designs are influenced by the things that we love.We strive to provide a high-quality product that is unique and consistent, and hope to provide our clients with some of the best customer service Atlanta has to offer.

Who is Concrete Lace?

Concrete Lace is owned by Katie Daniels, the professional designer behind Concrete Lace cards. She and her husband, Paul, are the printers who hand-make the fine paper goods. Katie's sister, Carla Kaiser, is also an artist, and Carla and Katie love to collaborate on projects (like Carla's hand illustrated mandalas, featured on several of Katie's cards). Concrete Lace is a small family-style business, and we care a great deal about quality and customer service. We handle every step of the process: From design and file prep to ink mixing, cutting and folding. We are progressive thinkers who like to stay ahead of the game, and offer cards that the market didn't even know they needed.

We are pleased to provide custom printing and basic design services for businesses and individuals anywhere around the world.

Due to a great love of languages and learning, many of the cards available by Concrete Lace are unique and informative. Check out the back of our cards, and one may find interesting bits of history—or even a simple English translation or meaning of what the card says on the front.


1981: Starting at around four years old (thanks to one amazing and creative mother) Katie sold her handmade Ed Emberly thumbprint gift cards for a few years (and about 25¢) at the annual Foley Art In The Park.
1995: While attending college in Savannah, GA, Katie was taught the art of printmaking in exchange for helping a dear friend, Joan Cobitz, clean her house.
2008: The card-making tradition contines in Atlanta. After an amazing gift of a beautifully restored Vandercook #4 letterpress from her husband, Paul, Concrete Lace Greeting Card and Letterpress Company was in full swing. A great deal of life-long inspiration comes to being in the products you see here...including television, movie and family tradition from her childhood.
2012: Concrete Lace adds a Kluge and a Chandler & Price to the family!

Concrete Lace cards are:

  • Uniquely designed by us for you.
  • Created in small batches
  • Printed on readily-renewable 100% cotton paper
  • Packaged with green-power produced envelopes
  • Enclosed in biodegradable packaging (Gift Enclosure sleeves are not yet available as biodegradable)
  • Made with 100% U.S. Made materials
  • Printed on a 1934 Vandercook Letterpress
  • Printed, scored, folded, and packaged with our care—one at a time.

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